Venue in Focus: Over the Vines Vineyard & Wine Barn | Edgerton, WI

We had the chance to shoot at this venue on Saturday, May 20 with a great couple, Tim and Christina. It was evident on Friday that it was definitely going to rain on their wedding day, but they are a go-with-the-flow kind of couple, so they weren’t devastated. While the rain eliminated some photo opportunities, it allowed for others.

Charming Antique Setting

Over the Vines is ideal for rustic, vintage, charming, quaint, country romantic—or whatever your buzzword is—themed weddings. Arguably the most striking feature of the property is the refurbished barn that is glammed up with glistening chandeliers hanging over the reception space along with string lights on the boarded walls. Feminine details in the bridal suite are also impressive.

Vast Property

At this southern Wisconsin winery, there are several features of the property that would be great for accommodating your guests. There is a lawn with iron tables and chairs where they can sit under big Maple trees and overlook the patio and barn. The patio is equipped with large tables made from wine barrels to hold drinks during cocktail hour. The barn itself is suitable for the ceremony and reception, and it also holds a full-sized bar and space for mingling. On the backside of the barn, there is a deck that runs the length of the building with string lights overhead that would be pretty at nighttime. The deck is adjacent to another grassy lawn that leads to the vineyard, which of course, is ideal for portraits.

Assuming there is clear weather on the wedding day, these aforementioned areas are where you and your guests would spend time. There is also a picturesque tractor near the front of the property, nearby more grape vines. Unfortunately, it rained on Tim and Christina’s wedding day, so we did not make it up there for a photo. You may keep it in mind that the sun would set behind the tractor, making for a romantic photo opportunity at dusk.

Secluded Location

Another draw to this venue is the fact that it’s pretty isolated from everything. It is not located near a busy highway, and the part of the property that you would use for your wedding is set pretty far back from the road. There are no neighbors or businesses close by, so you don’t have to worry about onlookers or wedding crashers. The surrounding wide open space omits a very natural feeling, so if you’re wanting to incorporate the outdoors into your special day, Over the Vines could be the right place for you to tie the knot.


To see more photos from Tim and Christina’s wedding, click here to visit our wedding gallery.


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